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A Consultancy You Can Trust

Our main focus is placing candidates in permanent and long-term positions

Integritas Education has been built on first-hand knowledge of what it is like to work in education.

Our experience and successful reputation has grown to the extent that we now work throughout the UK.

We have positions at all levels for Educators, and Academic Support Staff, with new vacancies registered daily.

You may want long-term, contract, interim or a new permanent position.

Our focus is to listen to you, advise and then find you your next role.

Categories of staff we recruit

•    Primary Teachers
•    Secondary Teachers & Heads of Department

•    Exam Invigilators and Cover Supervisors

​•    SEND Teachers and SENCOs
•    Early Careers Teachers

•    School Secretaries/Receptionists/Administrators/Business Managers

•    School Attendance Officers & Data Managers

•    Functional Skills Trainers/Teachers/Apprenticeships
•    College/University Lecturers
•    Deans, Head of Programme, Academic staff

•    University Support Staff
•    Professors

•    Director of Fundraising, Director of Information
•    Technicians/Librarians/Premises Managers/Caretakers

•    IT, Digital, Security Systems Managers

•    Finance Directors, Recruitment, Operations & HR Directors

•    Senior Leaders/Headteachers/Principals/Executive Principals
•    Director of Education

•    Director of Alumni
•    CEO Academy Trusts

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